Perimeter Security

World’s most trusted perimeter security solution, chosen for the security-sensitive sites across various geographical regions. High-performance yielding all-weather solution customized to your security needs. Most suited for Military, Government, Prison, Industrial, Airports, Cargo and VIP residences.

Buried Cable Perimeter Security is a preferred solution for the sites where precise detection is to be done along with the segregation of humans or animals intruding the terrain. This technology perfectly fits in the definition of all-weather and all-terrain solution. Covertness is the key as no feature of the system is visible to naked-eye. Software based Zoning, User-friendly installation, system administration and diagnostics solution.

  • 2 Sensor cables pair
  • 400 meters range per unit
  • 10 feet or 3 meter detection
  • Open Architecture Protocols
  • Enhanced DSP
  • Can be buried under soil, asphalt or concrete

Highest performing fence sensor, using proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms to precisely detection. The system’s superior signal-to-noise ratio, bandwidth and dynamic range produce superior probability of detection and a very low false / nuisance alarm rate (FAR/NAR). With a coverage area of 400 meters (1312 ft) per processor are tie-wrapped to a perimeter fence or topper wire to perform powerful alarm signal processing, DC power distribution and data communications networking (via FSK), eliminating the need for extra wiring.

  • Escape Location To 3 m (10 ft)
  • Solves Environmental Nuisance Alarm Problems
  • Site-adaptive Sensitivity Leveling
  • Software Controlled Zoning
  • Uniform Detection Along Fenceline

Designed for use in the most security-sensitive applications, High-Reliability (Hi-Rel) Volumetric Microwave Sensors with maximum resistance to harsh environmental conditions and physical tampering. Hi-Rel microwave options include a wide range of X and K-band bistatic transmitter/receiver links and monostatic transceivers. Ideal for the fortification of high security installations such as nuclear power plants, government laboratories and military installations.

  • Rugged Construction for Reliability Against Mechanical Abuse and Harsh Climatic Extremes
  • Available Dual, Triple and Quad Stack Configurations
  • Superior RFI / EMI Shielding
  • Extensive Burn-In and Temperature Testing
  • Heavy-Duty, Position-Locking Mounting Bracketry